• Year2022-2023

  • LocationLompoc, California

The Strauss Wind project constructed a wind energy facility spanning 5,887 acres of rural landscape in an unincorporated section of Santa Barbara County, California, located south of the City of Lompoc. The project, known as the Strauss Wind Energy Project (SWEP), installed 29 wind turbine generators (WTGs) boasting a combined electrical generating capacity of 102 megawatts (MW), anticipated to produce approximately 259 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity annually.

In addition to the WTGs, the SWEP entails the construction of various essential facilities vital for the project's functionality. These include a substation, an operation and maintenance facility, a switchyard, roadways, and the implementation of electrical transmission lines.

Clark Bros Inc., scope of services included site preparation, laydown yard, access roads, public roads, crane pads and turnarounds, SWPPP, grading, excavation, topsoil and soil separation, reclamation, and re-vegetation.