Renewable Energy

Energy, it powers our homes, cars, water, food production, and so many more essential industries. That means coming up with solutions for renewable energy is more important for America’s long-term sustainability than ever.

Clark Bros Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire renewables market including solar, wind, hydro, and other clean, abundant power alternatives. Be it large-scale wind farms, highly optimized solar fields, or expansive hydroelectric facilities, we’ve got the experience to support the entire project’s lifecycle.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve contributed to solar and wind renewable projects which produced more than 10 gigawatts of power for people and businesses all over the country.

Services we provide include surveying, SWPPP implementation, laydown and facilities establishment, dust control, mass and fine grading, demolition, sub-excavation, soil stabilization, structural concrete, piers and foundations, concrete slope protection and erosion control, roadways, paving, seal coating, drilling of piers, finish foundations, installation of conduits and grounding grid, oil containment and installation of surfacing stone.

Be it drilling, laying concrete, deep excavation and trenching, establishing roadways and paving, or other innovative energy solutions, we’ve covered the entire gamut. And by collaborating closely with utilities, local governments, and communities we can help you adopt green energy solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance energy security for one and all.

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