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For over 60 years, Clark Bros. Inc. (CBI) has been considered the leader in heavy civil contracting throughout the United States. As a well-established and highly regarded heavy civil construction company, CBI employs a large staff of experienced managers and operators who maintain the highest quality of workmanship and possess a vast knowledge of the industry. Clark Bros. Inc. provides myriad services including mass and fine grading, excavation, structural concrete, paving, drilling, mechanical, water and wastewater treatment systems, habitat restoration, erosion control and much more. Licensed in 19 states and growing, CBI is confident in tackling the most complex and challenging civil projects.


California Land Engineering


• Mass and Fine Grading
• Excavation
• Drilling
• Installation of Conduits & Grounding
• Security Walls
• Erosion Control
• Paving
• Soil Stabilization
• Roadways
• SWPPP Implementation
• Concrete Structural Vaults
• Concrete Piers & Foundations

Excavation and grading has been the core competency of our company for over 60 years. Licensed in nineteen states and growing, we have moved millions of yards of dirt for projects throughout the United States.

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• Wastewater Treatment Plant Remodel & New Construction
• Water Storage Tanks
• Water & Wastewater Piping
• Arsenic Treatment Facilities
• Pond Lining
• Paving
• Bridge Construction
• Lift Station Construction
• By-pass Installation

Construction of water and wastewater treatment plants has been an integral part of Clark Bros. Inc.'s history. From the outset of performing just heavy civil to expanding our expertise in all elements of the process, including concrete and mechanical piping, CBI has become a leader in WWTP construction.

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Renewable Energy Engineering


Listed by Solar Power International as a 500 Top Solar Contractor in 2017, Clark Bros. Inc. (CBI) was ranked the 14th largest solar contractor in North America while performing heavy civil services on projects producing over 1GW of power. Services on those projects included surveying, SWPPP Implementation, laydown and facilities establishment, dust control, mass and fine grading, demolition, sub-excavation, soil stabilization, structural concrete, piers and foundations, concrete slope protection and erosion control, roadways, paving, seal coating, drilling of piers, finish foundations, installation of conduits and grounding grid, oil containment and installation of surfacing stone.

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